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French Bulldogs

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 About French Bulldogs

        A small breed of dog that  was bred down in size for a lap pet. They were bred down from the "Toy Bulldog." The French Bulldog was first bred in the 1800's by lace makers in Nottingham, England then France.  This little lap warmer requires little exercise, little grooming, but needs some air conditioning during the warm  months.  Some characteristics of the French Bulldog:  alert (interested) in appearance or bat eared, smooth coat, muscular built, big boned, usually 28 pounds and under, large square head, broad muzzle, thick neck, broad chest, longer back legs than the front, and short and stout front legs. The French Bulldog comes in many colors:  brindle, cream, white, fawn, fawn with black mask, chocolate, blue, sable, red fawn, and pied. 

About Beech Branch Bullies

       Breeder of French Bulldogs located in Eastern Kentucky. Breeder of common and rare colored French Bulldogs! My goal is to raise some wonderful French Bulldogs, as pets, for those who love this breed. As a dog lover and breeder of French Bulldogs I have to say this breed has become one of my favorites. I try to select the best French Bulldogs for my breeding program so that my buyers will have great looking pets. So if your looking to purchase a French Bulldog for a companion you can call 606-738-5965, text 606-495-1194, or email . 

Purchasing A French Bulldog

Prices of the French Bulldog is based on quality, sex, color, and whether it is full or limited registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Prices will start at approximately $2000 and up. Prices are subject to change without notice. All deposits and payments are non-refundable. When purchasing a French Bulldog from me you have read all the information on this website and agree.  I also have shipping available. I will ship by ground when available or fly a French Bulldog. All shipping expenses and price of puppy are to be paid in full before the puppy is shipped.  


French Bulldog Puppy

            Willow and Sadie above!


French Bulldog Puppies Are So Much Fun!!!

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